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9114 / 9115A / 9116A Freeze-point furnaces

9114, 9115A, 9116A Freeze-point furnaces

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Fluke freeze-point furnaces are designed to extend plateaus from 24 to 40 hours when combined with Fluke freeze-point cells. All three furnaces have external cooling coils for circulation of tap water at less than 60 PSIG and approximately 0.4 GPM to reduce heat load to the lab. Additionally, they come with RS-232 ports and have equilibration blocks available for comparison calibrations.


  • 9114: 100°C to 680°C, stability ±0.03°C
  • 9115A: 550°C to 1000°C, stability ±0.25°C
  • 9116A: 550°C to 1100°C, stability ±0.5°C

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