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Field Calibration Service

Let Us Come to You!

TR Calibration has an offering of products for organisations and companies that are unable to afford lengthy delays and downtime for precise calibration requirements. With a wide range of calibration capabilities, we aim to maintain the quality of our laboratory calibration that our customers know and trust with the added convenience of our laboratory coming to you. Our experienced team of technicians can provide fast equipment turnaround without having to remove equipment from site.

Avoid unnecessary, expensive freight and downtime with TR Calibration’s Mobile Field Service!

Benefits of TR Field Calibration Service:

  • On-site calibration with our mobile laboratory
  • In-situ calibration
  • Extended hours for calibration services on-site
  • Suited to 24/7 manufacturing facilities
  • No delays with freight or logistics
  • Minimal down time for heavy or bulky equipment
  • Wide range of calibration services offered
  • Replacement or repair of failed items

TR Calibration Field Service Van Tour:

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If you have a specific product to calibrate, use our Online Quotation Request Form, otherwise, send us an email or call 1300 790 480 for any questions regarding your needs for products and services.

Our Field Service Scope includes:

Electrical/Electrical Safety Equipment





Gas Detection/Breathalysers

Ultrasonic thickness gauges 


Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Survey equipment 

Lifting and Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Welder Calibration