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Calibration Types

Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors Make sure your tools are working to their highest potential, making accurate precise measurements with our calibration and repair services. Our highly trained

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Vibration  Instrumentation and sensors used for vibration analysis and measurement provide critical data for systems such as condition monitoring, therefore,  regular calibration is recommended to

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Torque Calibration of your torque tools is important to ensure that they are operating as accurately and effectively as possible.  We have experience in the

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Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and Humidity Avoid unnecessary risks in your work environment! When safety, accuracy, and reliability matters, it’s important to ensure your temperature and humidity tools

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Physical Dimension

Physical Dimension TR Calibration can take care of all your dimensional calibration needs to ensure your tools perform at peak accuracy.  Our experienced technicians and

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Flow Calibration

Flow Calibration TR Calibration are the industry experts in Flow Calibration, helping you reach your efficiency goals with flow measurement. Regularly calibrating flow meter instruments

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High Voltage Calibration

High Voltage Calibration Ensure your critical High Voltage testing equipment is safe and can withstand surges in power. With decades of experience in calibrating High

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Force and Tension

Force and Tension Regular force and tension recalibration helps confirm whether the sensor maintained its accuracy over time and provides a load cell calibration certificate

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Electronics It is important to carry out periodic recalibration as  components can drift over time due to many factors, including physical shock and heat cycling.

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