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Calibration Services

We Can Deliver

  • Agreed upon turnaround times
  • Scheduling and pre-booking services
  • Repairs and Adjustments to instruments
  • Technical assistance
  • Best-in-class calibration and repair services
  • Field Services, which includes in-site and on-site calibration
  • Scheduling Service

To minimise downtime, TR Calibration provides a Scheduling Service to assist you in effectively and efficiently managing your equipment utilisation. Just call your nearest office and arrange a date for the next available time slot. A quote will be provided giving you a delivery date for when your equipment is to arrive at the TR Calibration Laboratory and returned at the agreed date. Simply sign the acceptance of the quote and return it to us to get your equipment scheduled.

If you have a specific product to calibrate, use our Online Quotation Request Form, otherwise, send us an email or call 1300 790 480 for any questions regarding your needs for aviation products and services.

Turnaround Times

Our TotalCal service offers agreed upon turnaround times to suit your business needs. Our pre-booking system will also help ensure the very best possible service with the minimum amount of fuss.

As an example of this service: a current TR customer has a contract with over 7,500 items of equipment requiring calibration each year. TR Calibration supply this customer with freight, logistics, bookings, and a 6-day or less turnaround time service. TR Calibration manage all aspects of this service.

Managed Third-Party Services

TR Calibration has an extensive network of partner companies, allowing a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution.

Fixed-Term Pricing

TR Calibration can offer fixed pricing for a period of 12 months.

Standard Calibration Service

Utilise the Standard Calibration Service with up to 10 business days turn around for calibration.

Proven Capability

TR Calibration has long-standing experience in calibration of high volumes of assets. Our systems, processes, and people are well adapted to the demands of such volumes of equipment. We are a trusted service provider to some of the world’s leading medical, aviation, defence, and government organisations. We have a proven track record.

Our Global Reach

TR Calibration is part of the greater TR Pty Ltd Group, with operations in New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. We have proven systems in place to help with efficient logistics between each of our operations.


Our Sydney and Brisbane laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. We have repaired and/or calibrated equipment from over 4000 manufacturers.

As quality systems are becoming more stringent, it is important to comply to these requirements. Utilising accredited laboratories to minimise the risk of non-compliant equipment that may impact on safety and legislative requirements.

Get your equipment calibrated by the trusted experts. At TR Calibration, we pride ourselves on agreed turnarounds and providing the solutions and options to suit your business. Our 40 years of a proven track record ensures your equipment will meet all standards.

NATA Accredited Laboratory Calibration Services

TR Calibration laboratories have offered Endorsed Calibrations, to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, with ongoing NATA accreditation for over 60 years.

This provides the assurance of expert calibration of a broad range of instrumentation including:

  • Engineering metrology equipment
  • Pressure and vacuum measuring devices
  • Torque measuring devices
  • Resistors, resistance boxes and potential dividers
  • Capacitors
  • Inductors and instrument transformers
  • Voltage standards
  • Precision transfer instruments
  • Instrument calibrators
  • Indicating and recording instruments
  • Bridges, potentiometers, and test sets
  • Frequency and time measuring instruments and standards
  • Frequency analysers and waveform measuring instruments
  • Signal sources
  • Communications equipment
  • Calibration of temperature measuring equipment
  • Calibration of ancillary temperature measuring instruments
  • Testing of controlled enclosures
  • Vibration measuring and calibrating equipment
  • Conducting materials, conductors, and resistance alloys
  • Power supplies and stabilisers

If you wish to review our full NATA accredited calibration scope, please contact us, or visit the individual lab pages on the NATA website for Sydney and Brisbane.

Benefits of choosing an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited provider

  • Technical competence of our calibration staff
  • Validity and appropriateness of our test methods
  • Traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards
  • Suitability, calibration, and maintenance of all our test equipment
  • Appropriate testing environment
  • Quality assurance of our test and calibration data