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1502A / 1504 Tweener Thermometer Readouts

1502A, 1504 Tweener Thermometer Readouts

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The 1502A Tweener PRT Readout features accuracy up to ±0.006°C, reads 100-ohm, 25-ohm, and 10ohm probes. It also has a resolution of 0.001° across its entire range. The unit accurately measures the resistance of the probe then converts the resistance to a temperature valve. It reads the common industrial grade IEC-751 or “385 ALPHA RTD without the need for programming. The Tweener accepts subranges 4 and 6 through 11.

The 1504 Tweener Thermistor Readout is used when you need more accuracy in a limited temperature range. Thermistors are less fragile than PRTs and less likely to be impacted by mechanical shock. Typical accuracy of ±0.002°C with a resolution of 0.0001°.

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