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5960A Triple Point of Argon System

5960A Triple Point of Argon System

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Enables primary standards laboratories to realize the argon triple point using a consistent, reproducible process with the low uncertainty (0.25 mK). The argon cell is built using 99.9999% purity argon resulting in uncertainty factor from impurities of 0.015 mK. Enables you to carry out SPRT calibrations with better quality and more efficiency. Deep 480 mm immersion depth of the entrant well minimizes the effects of stem conduction to less than 0.01 mK and radial uniformity to less than 0.05 mK.

The display panel provides a simple menu with soft function keys for setup and programming. The readout displays the set-point temperature, actual control sensor temperature, and perfect heather power. 8 Language options available.

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