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Maintain your operational needs over the lifetime of your equipment with TotalCal. TotalCal is a calibration equipment asset management system with a difference.

At TR Calibration we’ve created TotalCal, a customer-focused Calibration Lifecycle Management system. TotalCal manages all instrument records from the beginning to the end of their life, providing transparency as an item goes through the calibration or repair process. TotalCal includes an online portal that holds all records related to your instruments’ calibration lifecycle, allows you to monitor timelines for critical calibration and servicing, download calibration reports, and maintain compliance. This streamlines the management and maintenance of your assets, saving you time and costs.

We have the expertise to provide you with the right equipment, calibrate, and repair assets throughout their operational life, and advise about replacement as equipment is superseded or standards are upgraded.

TotalCal is the Calibration Lifecycle Management (CLM) of a product as it is used in its serviceable life.

CLM refers to the handling of a product as it moves through the typical stages of its useable life:

Benefits of TotalCal:

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Turnkey calibration solution

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Minimised risk to business

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Greater compliance and conformance

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Maintained value of assets

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A trusted partner in calibration services

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Increased equipment reliability, decreased downtime