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5681 / 5683 / 5684 and 5685 Quartz-Sheath SPRTs

5681, 5683, 5684, and 5685 Quartz-Sheath SPRTs

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The ITS-90 range of quartz-sheath SPRT’s cover a range of –200°C to 1070°C. All variations have gold-plated spade lugs, a strain-relieved connection to the four-wire cable, convection prevention disks, the finest quartz glass available, delustered stems, and the purest platinum wire available. These high quality SPRT’s typically drift less than 0.001° per year.


  • 5681: –200°C to 670°C
  • 5683: –200°C to 480°C
  • 5684 and 5685: 0°C to 1070°C

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