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96270A 27 GHz Low Phase Noise Reference Source

96270A 27 GHz Low Phase Noise Reference Source

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The 96270A enables you to simplify an RF calibration system by combining power meters/sensors, step attenuators, filters, pads, couplers, and 300 MHz frequency counters into one device. Its precision signal level and attenuation, high signal purity, and precision low distortion modulation make it a superior reference source compared to general purpose signal generations.

The head delivers lower frequencies up to 4 GHz to the unit under test input with deep dynamic range to minimise losses. Shallow level wider frequency ranges up to 27 GHz can be done using the microwave output and high frequency levelling kit. The front panel is equipped with function keys, context-sensitive keys, and a bright colour display. Automated RF calibrations are possible when combined with MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software.

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