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GEC Brainweigh Wireless Load Cell Kit

GEC Brainweigh Wireless Load Cell Kit

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The Brainweigh 2013 system calculates Centre of Gravity (CG), Percent Mean Aerodynamic Cord (%MAC), Total Weight, and Moment Arm for all types of GEC digital load-cells. Individual load cells are capable of providing readings up to 100,000 lbs and have deep ball cups for a safer fit with aircraft hard points. Weighing is accurate to ±0.1% accuracy with high repeatability.

Once individual load cells are calibrated, signals from each cell are digitised and transmitted wirelessly to the Brainweigh 2013. The kit is capable of handling 12 individual load cells and corrects for latitude using internal correction factors. With GEC proprietary software or Lockheed Martin’s Automated Weight and Balance System (iAWBS), weighing can be conducted using Android, Apple, and PC based devices.

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